Where Do You Belong?

I remember that day so clearly. I was with my partner in a park nearby our apartment. We were enjoying a typical Irish summer, which meant warm hoodies and rain jackets. While we were talking about life, I mentioned the love for photography I had as a child.

It was somewhere around 2004 when mobile phones came into our lives. I got my first approximately two years later – a flip phone with a 0.3 MP camera. I would spend hours taking photos of flowers and other natural wonders. I remember feeling so grateful and proud for being able to capture such beauty and do something I wasn’t able to before. Those now ridiculous 0.3 MP were back then a source of huge fascination and joy.

Comfort Zone Has Had My Life On Hold For Years

I’m fascinated by how deeply I’m in my comfort zone. I convinced myself that by moving to another country and making some other decisions only few can, I was living outside of my comfort zone. Yes, they were pretty scary at the time, but I can’t hold on to that one period of my life and use it to justify months of staying comfy and conforming to society’s ways.

Procrastination Lingers Over Me

Initially, the first sentence I wrote was this: “Procrastination has been my companion for as long as I can remember.” Then I got the flashback of childhood memories and I saw the fault in what I was saying. For a child, there is no such thing as procrastination because you live in the moment. There are no big goals and dreams for life because you already live your dream life. Life goes on from one moment to another. There is no “what will my mum think of me if I do that” or “I’m not good enough to create something”.  Procrastination becomes a thing once the society – better said, the system – fills you with all sorts of negative beliefs about you and your potential. Because a fully developed being is unlikely to obey all sorts of things they feed us with.