Stuck At A Crossroad In Your Life?

Many people see me as an independent woman. Those who were there with me while growing up love to quote a single line I kept repeating from an early age: ‘I can do it myself’. Somehow, I got perceived as a person who makes her own decision, independent from those around me. 

While that’s partially true, what I also discovered is that looking back on my life up until the last couple of years, I’m not sure if the number of those bigger decisions that I made independently can count up to the fingers of one hand. My internal sense of guidance was – and to a big portion, still is – attuned to the collective narrative. It’s only recently that I’ve truly grasped the depth of my conditioning and began to understand how the decisions I made so far, the life I led so far, have never been my own. 

On Self-Love, Certainty, And Confusion

Early morning just before 6, on a cold Saturday morning. The world outside is quiet and my soul feels at rest. A cup of black coffee and some chill music in the background help me set up the mood and tune into my favorite morning ritual – releasing my thoughts on these virtual pages. Food for my soul. 

There’s one word that preoccupies my mind a lot these days. Self-love. A word we hear on every corner and about which we all love to speak so confidently.

But I wonder, how many have ever truly felt what self-love is? 

You Owe It To Yourself To Show All That You And Your Creations Are

There’s this thing that preoccupies my mind often – the way we don’t allow ourselves to express all that we want to. I have shared my thoughts with some artists and they all confirmed similar feelings. I also noticed the same when observing the way other people show up online. 

The Privilege To Create

4 am and my body is ecstatic with the thoughts of creating. It’s all I can think of ever since the new day began. Creating is the ultimate nourishment for my being.

So many times when my days were filled with heaviness and lethargy, when nothing seemed to help, I would focus a little bit of attention on creating something, and instantly, my state was transformed in ways that were unbelievable. 

Know Your Why

Lately, I felt stuck in this immense feeling of something being off. I got so caught up focusing on the business side of photography that I forgot why I started doing it in the first place. 

How did I allow myself to forget what I love to do the most – experiencing magic when seeing and capturing the beauty of small, ordinary things that surround us on a daily basis? 

The Big Picture

Early morning just before 6 am. I’m listening to the sounds of the storm, wondering why I find it so soothing. 

A force of nature that can easily make us forget our inner storms, usually self-imposed.

A wind whistling so strongly, but incredibly gently. Somehow bringing calmness through its chaos.

A tree bending under this force, and at the same time, stubbornly rooted into the deep grounds.

So many lessons to be found. 

I Heal And Grow Slowly, And That Is Perfectly Okay

It’s 5 o’clock on a Tuesday morning. I’m sitting on a balcony, fully wrapped up in blankets, and shaking from the cold. I’ve been sitting here since 2:30 am. I’d like to say it’s been wonderful to welcome the new day, but summers in Sweden blend days with nights and it gets hard to separate them. If there wasn’t for the clock, I’m not sure there’d be an end to my confusion. But I must say there is something incredibly attractive in having long, dark, winter nights, and almost never-ending days during the summertime. 

Quiet, Slow And Ordinary Moments Spent Creating

I want to do something different. Something that looked so silly to me for so long, and what I wouldn’t have allowed myself to approach this way before.

I want to write a personal reminder and sort of an appreciation post as well, to all those quiet moments we get for ourselves only.

When we allow ourselves to sit down, tune into our inner self, just observe and express ourselves.

Taking The Leap

I woke up with such a strong feeling of the need to speak openly about my late experiences in this corner of mine, whose number one purpose is precisely that – to be a place where I can let my expression roam freely. I’ve been feeling the need to share it for weeks, but always found a way to reason myself why I’ll regret it and to better just leave it unsaid.