You Are Being Called To Create

6 am and I’m sitting in my bed, sipping coffee. The desire to create feels almost overwhelming. Blank pages in front of me, but no words coming out. 

It happens periodically that I experience these moments where I hit the wall with my creative output, but the need for it persists.

Usually, I then try to reason to myself why those feelings are not so important or valid. If I wrote a blog post just a couple of days before, I’d often label my need for writing a new one as trying to get the attention from people who will read it. I’d even go to the extreme of thinking I’m greedy for wanting to create more. 

In a society where status and reputation come before integrity, and self-love is just a hype word, it’s hard to completely exclude the option that I was just seeking attention and approval from the outside. Even if that is the case on certain occasions, I think there’s something much deeper and bigger going on. 

I was at an event recently where I observed this small child who was so incredibly active and expressive. For a couple of seconds he would play relatively calmly, after which he had to do something so expressive and outwardly, even explosive. He is still too little to be self-conscious and to have a mind full of various beliefs and narratives, and this is the way creative energy expresses itself freely through him. A never-ending wave of release and relaxation; discharge and recharge. 

That desire for creation that we’re feeling is nothing else but our creative energy trying to express itself through our body. 

Anything that has ever been created – song, artwork, photograph, book, course, or any material thing – was first an idea, or better said, energy. The creative energy that was transformed and taken shape into something else. 

And what all energy ever wants to do – is to just flow freely.

So when we get the desire to create something and refuse to engage with it, we are obstructing the natural flow of energy. We literally block life’s natural flow. 

And then we wonder why we’re not feeling good. If we do that for years, of course we end up being unhealthy – first mentally, then physically. Because we don’t allow this vital force for life to circulate! 

We shy away from creating because of all the narratives and fears we hold.

Thinking we’re not creative enough, and putting too much emphasis on the so-called quality of our work. It should be unique, it should be technically skillful, it should match this particular style, it should fit this box and whatnot. We sometimes go so far thinking it should be life-altering for people who are going to see it. 

All those things are important and should be considered in many cases. 

But before any of that, we feel the desire to create for the process of creating and what it does for us! 

We take photos because in that practice we’re so incredibly in the moment and connected to our environment. 

We write our thoughts down because we feel like this heavy burden is being lifted off our shoulders and the softest lightness is overtaking our bodies. 

We dance to our favourite song because at that moment our body and the tune are one. 

Whatever it is that we are being called to create brings us to the present moment, makes us feel connected with the world, and fuels us with a sense of belonging. 

Things can get a bit more complicated when you’re a creator who shares work somewhere, either for business or simply pleasure. There are all these rules and algorithms you should follow in order to achieve your goals more easily. 

And they should generally be followed, but as a consequence, it’s so easy to get into the space where we limit ourselves to what and how we create. We end up losing that playfulness that goes hand in hand with the process of creation. 

We end up losing ourselves.

I doubt life had intended for our creativity to be run by an algorithm.

Or if it did, then it’s certainly not the one we’re used to focus on. Rather, it’s our internal algorithm. The one that never fails to deliver to our news feed an abundance of wonderful and inspiring things – music, art, places, activities, opportunities, and people – that I’m sure any of us can find plenty of if we dare to look around. Things that fuel us with vision, desire, and hope. Things that make us feel alive.

Creativity feeds us on a level that nothing else can.

It’s the way we share our voice with the world. Our truth. 

The way we give respect and love to ourselves. 

Create whatever you need to create. Something similar to what you did before, or completely different. Amateurish or professional. What fits your previous style, or is fully experimental. Something very rich with knowledge or purely entertaining. No rules, no obligations, no expectations. Just expressing whatever’s inside of you that needs to be released. 

Release your powerful creative energy. Make space for the new to come. 

How you feel while you create matters the most. Everything else falls to second place. 

Create from your true voice – from your heart – and you will give it a quality that no tips, rules, and technical guidelines can offer. 



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