You Owe It To Yourself To Show All That You And Your Creations Are

There’s this thing that preoccupies my mind often – the way we don’t allow ourselves to express all that we want to. I have shared my thoughts with some artists and they all confirmed similar feelings. I also noticed the same when observing the way other people show up online. 

Photographers who don’t put in words describing what they see in their wonderful creations. Business owners who speak way too much in the lines of what a professional businessman should sound like, and don’t allow themselves even the smallest trait of personality. Content creators being overtaken by the algorithm and trends, unable to stop and focus a little bit on what brings them joy and what they want to create. 

We compare ourselves so incredibly much, even when we don’t think we do so. By consuming so much information about what other creators do and how other people live, on a subconscious level, we’re being influenced by the way we approach our life. So, unaware of it, we switch to the single way of approaching our creative processes – doing what we think we should do.

We try so hard to fit in, to be liked, to get the attention and approval we know we deserve. It’s paradoxical that the more relaxed we are about those things, and the more we just show up in this world the way we are, unconcerned by the way it might be accepted, those same things flow to us effortlessly. The right people and opportunities find their way to us. Just by being ourselves and creating what we love to create. 

It breaks my heart to see people being afraid to open themselves up about their creations, as well as themselves. Being afraid to share our creations with the world in the proportion to the attention it deserves. Speaking as highly about our art as its true value is. Bringing it closer to the people by explaining the thoughts and events that led to its creation, and sharing our point of view. Showing up for it like it’s this incredibly important thing, something that came out of us and took a form by which it can be admired and helpful to others.

It’s the essence of us being filtered into this one piece of creation that is so freaking valuable and precious and can inspire and move many people. Much more than we allow ourselves to believe.

It makes me wonder, how many of us are totally unaware of all the people we touched in our lives? All the people we moved when we allowed ourselves to let our guard down and show our true selves, even for a second? 

We don’t go around texting people for every single thing they do that inspires us and makes us give love to ourselves a little bit more. 

But what if we did? How many of those texts would you get on a daily basis? 

And I don’t refer here to people with thousands of followers on social media who have ‘ a higher impact’ on the world. Rather, it’s about every single person out there, on social media or not.

How many times did you inspire one of your friends to do something better for themselves, but they simply never told it to you? 

How many times did you inspire one of your parents by standing up for yourself and choosing integrity over tradition, but they never verbalized how proud of you they actually are, and how inspiring you are?

How many times did you inspire someone on the street by having a straight posture and a good vibe, thus helped them move from their inner wars into the beauty that’s around them?

How many times have you inspired or enriched someone’s life by sharing your art, despite how vulnerable and scary it felt?

How many times have you inspired someone to love themselves a little bit more and choose self-respect and integrity over conformity?

Whatever number you have in your mind, it’s probably incomparable to the reality of your good influence on people around you!

When it comes to art, there’s nothing I like more than to hear the artist open up a little bit more about their product of creation and verbalize their feelings or thought process that envelops it. It brings me more into their world, and helps me connect with them on an even deeper level.

That’s all we’re really doing with our creations. And with life in general! Connecting with each other. Sharing our visions, dreams, pains, and struggles.

Still, I don’t do it myself. I shy away from approaching my work that way. Somehow it always feels silly, too much, and like I’m just going to waste someone’s time by sharing what I see in my creations and what it means to me.

What is it about the fear of exposing our art that’s so overpowering, more than the actual desire and the need to create?

Why do we still allow this culture to tell us we are not good enough and have nothing valuable to share, and should just stick to being and doing what everybody else is doing? 

But here’s the thing – every single person has that same desire of being who they really are and  have the need to pour their creativity into something that means to them. So how about we all conform to that desire?

The moment we’d allow ourselves to fully open up, more creative energy would enter us, more of the amazing stuff we’d be creating, and more of the joy, content, and fulfillment would we attract into our lives!

The desire to create is actually the strongest because it will never go away, no matter how hard we try not to feel it. It’s just that the noise this world creates about what we should and shouldn’t do is usually the loudest.

I am challenging myself to speak more openly about what I feel, see, desire, and need, in relation to the things I create. And not just my art, but life in general! How I create my living. 

That judgment we fear so much will only ever come from the people that don’t allow themselves, or can’t see how it’s up to them, to be who they are. And by showing up for ourselves this way, we show them how they can do it as well. By allowing ourselves to be all the magic we are, we allow others to do the same.

I choose not to be defined by fear, but by possibilities. The endless possibilities that exist on the other side where truth, creation and connection take up the space they deserve.



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