The Power Of Momentum

Having momentum is such a powerful thing. Way more important than the actual circumstances we find ourselves in.

Where does the one you’re in right now lead you? When you draw a line that connects the dots over the period of the next 12 months, where does it bring you?

Who will you be in a year? What habits are going to be a part of your daily life? What thinking patterns will you have? 

What will you have built with all of this? Success, whatever it might represent to you? Or will you be at the same place you’re in now, thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings? Running in the loop of no change, and no improvement.

The first time I felt the power of momentum was a couple of years back when I learned how to get out of my head and into the present moment, if only for a brief moment in time. I spent my life living in my head, thinking anxious thoughts about my next move or regretting the past. 

But slow intake of different types of information over a longer period of time lead to a tiny shift in the way I see the world around me. I was finally able to slow down and experience the world around me at that moment in time. Although it was such a small change, it felt incredibly big and important.

The real change wasn’t that I learned how to have two minutes of presentness in a whole day of stress, worry, and overthinking. Those two minutes were not going to change my life by themselves. 

What was actually priceless in all of this, was that I had proof of how it’s possible to change your mindset. I learned from my own experience how many tiny steps in the right direction, which at the moment seem insignificant and useless, can over time lead to exceptional change and improvement.  

What happened after that is that every time I worked on changing a belief or habit, in those moments when everything I do seems futile, I had something that pushed me forward. I had that previous experience of the power of momentum that kept me going, that kept telling me it will all come to its place if I just stay patient. 

The thing is, growth doesn’t happen in a linear way. In the beginning, there will be very little, most likely zero proof in your internal or external circumstances of any real change happening. It takes a certain amount of effort to be able to see the results in you, and especially around you.          

What that also means, is that there will be a day when you’ll wake up and suddenly realize that almost everything is different! Or at least it will feel that way. You will finally be able to notice the fruits of all the work you have put in, and it will feel like the best thing ever.   

Knowing that things take time to change is what will keep you going in every new and challenging transition. You’ll have that tiny voice inside of you telling you to keep going, to believe, and be patient because it knows it will all come to you. You know it because you have already seen it happen before.

You know it because you witnessed your own power. You saw yourself shift your whole world. You shed your old skin and chose new colors for yourself.  

And over time, your trust in yourself and your own power will grow so so much, that you’ll be able to grow, change, transform, and manifest way more in much shorter periods of time. 

Becoming the co-creator of your world. You, with your will, belief, and surrender; together with this incredible Life.                                       

You are doing so well.

You are doing important things. It takes time but it will all be worth it. 

You are powerful. Way more than you think you are. 

Believe in yourself. Trust in Life and its ways. 

 It’s all coming to you. 

There is no rush. 

Warrior spirit, but with patience.

You are doing so well.



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