All I Need And Want Is Already Mine

It’s so incredibly hard to stay focused on that which I want more of in my life. It’s so hard to believe to have certain things in your life that are not yet materialized. It’s so hard to believe the things you want are coming your way and be patient.

My mind goes too often into fear and doubt. I’m so used to overworking myself and struggling and trying harder and chasing things and never resting. I’m so used to thinking I’m not having enough and that I’ll never have enough. I’m so used to being in scarcity and holding on to things that are not good for me. 

I know that the right things are coming to me. I FEEL IT. I so deeply feel it coming to me and that there is no other way but to live the way I want to live. To create and be recognized for it by the right people. To be able to organize my life any way I want, and create and express myself. To connect with others who share similar journeys. To support each other. To simply be all that I am.

Feeling and living my purpose. I know that’s the only way for me to be here. 

Still, I have beliefs that I don’t deserve it. That it’s too good to be true. That I need to earn it. And that it’s not sustainable. 

Those are the remainings of the old programs that ruled my mind for so long. Those are the things that are dying. I am not feared by them. They have no power over me anymore. 

I don’t judge them. They served their purpose. But that purpose was a long time ago fulfilled and ceased to be needed. I am not that person anymore. 

I am full of love, trust, and hope. I know deep in my bones that all I need and want is already mine. 

It is out there. It’s a part of me. 

It is me.

Attracting my soul’s needs is the only way for me to be. 

I release the fear and doubt. 

I breathe in and feel my truth. 

I breathe in and feel the ease. 

I breathe in and know I’m safe. 

I breathe in and feel the joy. 

I breathe in and feel the warmth of all my blessings. 

I breathe in and feel the Life. 

With love,


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