The Big Picture

Early morning just before 6 am. I’m listening to the sounds of the storm, wondering why I find it so soothing. 

A force of nature that can easily make us forget our inner storms, usually self-imposed.

A wind whistling so strongly, but incredibly gently. Somehow bringing calmness through its chaos.

A tree bending under this force, and at the same time, stubbornly rooted into the deep grounds.

So many lessons to be found. 

Maybe the reason why we find storms so soothing is that they make us move out of realities we created within ourselves, with our problem at the core, and suddenly become aware of the present moment, the power of nature and our place in it. 

A big picture paints in front of our eyes and we see how small we really are. 

It’s so easy to lose the context. It’s so easy to get seduced by the idea of importance of certain things in our life. To focus most of our energy on tasks we labeled – mostly unconsciously –  as the most significant. 

We get trapped into the loop of re-experiencing the things that happened in the past. Or having worries about the future, those ever-present products of our imagination. 

Clinging to a single story, ignoring the rest. 

Then we tense up, fuel our bodies with anger, and with clenched fists and blurry vision try to transform the past or the future.

Not sure if it’s fortunate or unfortunate for us, but none of those things are in our control.

But there is something else we can do instead, that’s within our reach. To take a small step back, soften our eyes, let the air expand our chests, and our gaze will effortlessly shift above the horizon. And if we dare to open ourselves, clarity will come. 

We do have control over our past and future. It comes in the form of changing the way we see them. Expanding our perspective and seeing life for what it is. Focusing not on the single event but on the whole story.  Looking not just at what went or could go wrong, but what we can learn from it, all the good that has already happened, and plethora of ways things might get even better. Being a radar for opportunities.

You know when you look back at certain periods of your life which at that time brought you nothing but stress and worry, and now all of a sudden you see the image of beauty and growth? It’s because we can see the big picture. And it becomes clear how exactly those ‘unfortunate’ events, which were back then the source of so much pain, were the building blocks of the person you are right now. The things you are proudest of, all your strengths, emerged from that place.

The big picture. 

What does your look like, right now? 

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