What Do You Believe Is Possible For You?

Have you ever wondered what’s possible for you in this life?

I’m sure you thought of it in a limiting way, focusing mostly on that which you think you know is impossible for you, like most of us do.

Recently I started to see the proofs all around me of people who managed to do the impossible. Creating a successful career in a field where ‘a safe and secure job’ falls into the category of science fiction; landing a dream publishing deal when you’re a new author and have no previous work of the kind; having a well-paid creative job in the country where people connect mostly by who can complain more about the misery of the place they live in.

Just a few years back, even months, when I was in a different place mentally, I could not see in these examples what I see today. Moreover, I think I didn’t even see many of them, as if there was a thick wall around me that protected me from anything that could destabilize my beliefs about what I can and can’t do in this world.

And now, I get this incredible rush of motivation and energy to apply the principles of those people’s successes to my own journey.

The question that comes up each time is – what’s all available for me that I haven’t even allowed myself to consider as a possibility? What desires and dreams do I have inside of me that I diminish at the first sight and push far away from my awareness so that they’re once more forever lost – or at least until the next time they come nearing the surface, and I do it all over again.

We tend to look at the people around us for proof of what’s possible and what’s not. But how are we to look for ways of achieving something in the lives of people who never tried to achieve anything similar? Do we have kids in gymnastics class learn from grannies with osteoporosis how to do a split?  

There are so many examples of people achieving ‘impossible’. If not in our circles of people, then anywhere in the online world.

But here’s the thing – somehow, we like to put all their achievements in the box of ‘she just got lucky; he was born that way; that world is not meant for people like me’ or something similar.

We may think we’re looking at things objectively at that time, supporting it with things like ‘I can’t do this in this god-forbidden country; I don’t have enough money, or talent; etc.’

That’s nothing but the stream of thoughts we’re so used to having, as well as a bunch of excuses. What’s really happening is that we’re protecting the belief that’s about to be shattered. A belief that there is a limit to what’s possible in our life.

Our identity is attached to that belief. So now, all of a sudden, we’re about to face the pain by learning that all this time, we’ve been seeing ourselves and our life as much less than what we hold the potential for. Unfortunately, most of us were thought that all kinds of pain should be avoided at any cost.

That’s where the importance of who we surround ourselves comes in. When you feed your mind with stories from many different people who went out and made their dreams a reality, despite all the odds against them, you start to see it as something that’s manageable. You see that it’s all just a series of intentional steps done over a longer period of time. You train yourself to shift your focus more on what’s possible than on what isn’t. I talked more about the importance of the right environment in the post Choose Your Environment Intentionally.

The moment we decide we can’t do something before we tried to at least take the first few steps, we cut off all the possibilities that ever existed. If you never even thought you could learn how to balance yourself on the bike, you’d never go through the trouble of facing your fear, falling down a couple of times, and bruising yourself. But you saw other people do it, you created the vision of it being possible and felt it inside of your body. Your belief pushed you forward despite all the fear and challenge.

It’s not easy to put all of this into practice. When it’s just an intellectual idea it’s incredibly hard to make yourself believe some big things are possible. We are thought to only believe that which we see. And all we see around us, are people with long forgotten dreams, settled for the bread crumbs this system offers. Your whole body resists the idea because you were never taught or have never experienced that feeling inside of your body – the feeling of breaking through to the other side.

I guess the best way to learn how to trust things are possible is to practice with ‘the little things.’ Developing a discipline to do a mini workout every day for 30 days. Creating an Instagram page dedicated to sharing your art. Creating a blog where you’ll write openly and vulnerably about matters you’re most interested in. Anything that you believe is achievable with a certain amount of discipline, but challenging enough so that it will push you to the place you have never been before.

When you see for yourself how those little successes are very achievable, it becomes obvious anything else is possible as well, with the right amount of dedication and patience. Because every big success is composed of the little, smaller ones. You don’t publish a book by deciding you’re going to sit at your desk and write for the next seven days straight. You do it by writing a few lines every day. Then in a few weeks, those few lines become a few pages. And over a course of a year, two, or three, those few pages become a book.

By breaking through just one of the old beliefs you prove to yourself that you can let go of all of them. Of course, it takes an incredible amount of work, discomfort, patience, and gentleness towards yourself, to invest in each one of them. But the end destination is the same – becoming your authentic self and learning that you have the responsibility for your life, and what you’re going to focus on. Taking your dreams and desires seriously.

Go over what you consume daily and see if it supports your dreams or not.

Clear your feed on social media.

Fill it up with people who can be an example of what’s possible.

Play some audiobooks on your way to work that can help you create new beliefs.

Start creating what your soul aches for – today. No matter how silly it might be.

Connect with people who share your desires and values.

Focus on what you can do today.

Share your art!

Take the leap and do something that shakes you completely, but gives an incredible inner peace.

And be patient and gentle with yourself.



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