Being Aware Of Possibilities

Things are possible. Your dreams are attainable. The only thing standing between you and them is your belief.

Do you truly believe it’s possible? Do you give yourself enough time and space? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you are worthy of it?

Are you willing to make sacrifices? Are you willing to do the work?

Sacrifices aren’t losing an arm or selling your soul to the devil. It’s a sacrifice of instant gratification over long-term gratification. A sacrifice of momentary pleasure over discipline. Comfort over growth.  Narratives you identified yourself with, over personal truth. A sacrifice of certainty over unlimited possibility.

What’s all possible for us but we don’t even allow ourselves to take it into consideration?

Just one month of continuous believing in things being possible and a little bit of work brought so much change to my life, so much of the things I previously thought could never happen. All those things I kept telling myself, those fears and insecurities, were nothing but stories I invented.

But isn’t everything our minds converse self-invented by you or somebody else?

Life is both beautiful and ugly. It doesn’t tell you to look at it a certain way. It just offers you all that it is, but it’s up to you to choose what you’re more into.

So, if whatever you’re going to think about, however you’re going to look at this world is just a story, a projection of you, and not the world itself, why not choose the perspective that makes you feel good?

The power of our own beliefs stands before everything. We might be the best in what we do, but if we don’t believe in it, we’ll never be able to receive what’s been offered to us.

When I moved to Sweden, I spent 4 months of my life going around and trying to find a muggle job. I sent application after application, all being followed with either no response at all, or a lousy ‘try again another time.’ The frustration and hopelessness were overwhelming. Subconsciously I thought of myself as not having anything to offer to this world.

I thought that was the only way. The only way for me to make a living.

Now I look at the progress I made after switching my focus fully on my creative dreams, all the people I’ve already worked with, all the connections I made, and the shift in my mindset. And I keep thinking, what could have happened if I spent those 4 months believing in myself and trying to make it out here as a creative instead?

There’s no going back and there were things I had to learn in the meantime in order to get to the place where I’m now. I had to get another perspective on the mindset of people who are stuck in jobs they didn’t enjoy.

I got a mirror reflection of the state of my being, the way I saw life. I got another insight into seeing how easy it is to let fear rule our lives, diminish all our dreams, all our talents and hopes, settle for the little pieces this system has thrown at us, and paint our lives with misery and hopelessness.

It was heart-breaking. To see all those wonderful, talented people who can’t see the magnitude of their beauty. Souls who can’t see the limitless potential of their talents, which they so easily throw away and label as irrelevant and useless. People who put everybody else before themselves.

It was also liberating, because I got to see myself in all of them. I got to see the truth of where I am in my life right now, and how I came to this. I got to see what my life will be like if I don’t change the lens with which I look at this world and myself.

Our life is a mirror image of how we look at the world, not the other way around.

Our circumstances are a cumulation of all the little steps we took days, months, and years prior to today.

So, spending the last 10 years complaining attracted even more reasons to complain.

Constant focus on everything I don’t like about my life, got me nothing but more of those same things.

I’m mind blown by the power of the mindset. How much can change in such a short period of time, if we allow ourselves. It gives me so much hope. Hope I never got to feel the same way.

I think about my younger self, who felt so stuck, but still did those little steps in the hope to change. It felt so useless back then. Because for months and months you try to do things differently, but see no reflection in your circumstances. That’s why it’s so hard to stick with it and have hope. It feels like you’re never going to make it. it feels so unattainable.

But then you wake up one day and notice the change. You feel like something new has been born inside of you. And you can’t believe what you see, what you feel.

It’s like a kid growing up. You can’t notice the difference in their growth each day. Then one day you take a look at them and suddenly it’s so obvious how much they’ve changed, how much they’ve grown.

It’s a trade-off for acquiring growth and change. You pay it with trust and patience. 

I think what’s even more valuable than the change itself, is the awareness of possibility. Knowing that things are possible, that you can keep growing each day if you choose to do so. Knowing that what you wish for, no matter how far out of reach it may seem, is possible.

It’s so valuable because it sets you on a completely different course in your life. The one where you choose for yourself. Because you trust yourself with your life.

What do you wish to manifest for yourself?



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