I Am All That I Am

I acknowledge you.

I acknowledge you, my angry, frustrated, confused, exhausted part of me.

You are so important. An integral part of me.

I acknowledge you in this sea of forced positivity and disregard of any emotions that show the truth we don’t want to hear.

I embrace you.

I welcome you.

You are my guide.

You are valued and deeply appreciated.

You are seen.

You are free to express yourself in any way you need.

Thank you, for every day I get to be closer to who I truly am and what I truly want.

We use social media to portrait our life’s highest points, including our personality traits. Which is amazing and we should inspire each other in that way, by sharing our bests and being positive about life.

But I feel we don’t give enough recognition and appreciation for that other, not so pleasant side of us. From ourselves primarily.

Because it’s not just something that appears now and then, it’s with us every day. Sometimes in a more extensive form, other times a bit less. But it is undeniably a part of us.

There wouldn’t be any light and happy side if there isn’t this one. It’s what’s giving it a shape, a nurturing ground from which all those pleasantness rise.

Its beauty may not lie in the way it’s seen with our eyes, but in some deeper realms that require a small dose of courage to be seen.

I’m talking about the overlooked, unappreciated, often ignored, and even resented side of us that can be described with words






Feeling lost

Feeling unseen

Craving deep connections





We are taught only that the other, all bright and shiny side of us counts. How that’s all there should be to us.

But I am also all of the above.

I’m not saying let’s go and dance together in the frustration and anger for the rest of our lives.

I’m saying let’s acknowledge how big that part of us really is.

How VALUABLE it is, because it’s our compass to what we don’t want to surround ourselves with, and it helps us see clearly what we do want.

It’s a message we send to ourselves.

It is there with a purpose, an important one.

So, let’s not be just cute, smiley, and pretty.

There’s time for one thing, and there’s time for the other.

There’s space for one, and space for another.

Oh, and just how therapeutic shooting yourself in these states is! I strongly recommend it to anyone. No need to post it on your socials, unless you really feel like it.

To be able to see yourself in these states from another perspective, as if looking through a completely different set of eyes, gives it a whole another dimension. So much beauty in something so far away from the norm.

To all of you who made it till here,

Sending love.

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