Saturday Morning Ramblings

Another day is ahead of me.

What will I choose to do with it?

What will I focus on?

How will I use my energy?

Will I overthink everything, or use my intellect to stay in awe of the little things, little wonders, that are around me?

They say each moment you choose what your life is about.

But how do you stay aware of every thought you have in this busy world?

When our days are designed to overwhelm us in every possible way, there’s only so much of negative energy you can receive and transform into something else, something better.

When we spend hours in the environment that’s far from optimal, how realistic is it to expect of ourselves not to be shaken up by it,

And end up completely off our course.

If we’ve spent most of our lives living a life that is not ours,

fearing the fears that are not ours,

chasing the goals that are not ours,

how long will it take

you and me,

to unlearn what we believed so far,

to build the new identity,

the one that we choose based on our deepest values?

And do we even need an identity? Isn’t attachment to a certain set of beliefs the root of all problems we are facing?

Maybe it doesn’t matter that much what we believe and what values we live by, but how open to change and adaptivity can we be.

To choose an identity whose foundation is a periodical re-evaluation of everything it stands for

and the ability to let go of what no longer resonates with us.

An identity of love, gratitude, acceptance, change, and flow.

Being brutally honest with ourselves,

But as gentle as light evening rain.

Working hard on unlearning and creating new,

But being patient like with a little child learning to walk.

Having compassion for people that don’t support our peace,

But enough love for ourselves to choose to create a safe environment for our healing and growth.

One breath at a time.

Just one deep breath at a time.

Then another one.

And another one.

Love. Gratitude. Acceptance. Change. Flow.  

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