Feed Your Soul With Creation

Perfectionism is a sneaky little bastard. It gets into all the places of our lives, and we get so used to having it there that we become blind to it and take it as our normal.

When I figured I want creativity to be an essential part of my life and have everything revolve around it, I build this vision of what I wanted my life to be.

And it’s a good thing, really. They say the more in detail you visualize your dream life, the higher are chances of manifesting it.

But I got so focused on the end goal and how things should look like, that everything else, everything that’s not exactly like it, was perceived as a failure. My busy mind would go, ‘As long as I don’t have everything I envisioned, I have nothing. ‘

How harsh and disrespectful was that, towards my whole being.

It takes time to build things. Especially something as big as your dream life, or however you choose to call it.

Creating a new life requires a new identity. A new identity with beliefs that can support you in creating the life you dream of. And it takes time to let go of the one you had your whole life. The one that took you on a path you felt wasn’t right for you.

I’ve been so desperately focused on having achieved my big goals thinking they will bring me the freedom to have a life I desire.

I found it hard to call myself a creator before certain things happened to me.

But that’s a trap – to think you first need to get something from the outside in order to become it and live it.

Really, it’s the other way around. We should first focus on forming a mindset that supports the lifestyle we want.

To see your life and yourself as if you are already being and having everything you want, or at least a good deal of it.

To see yourself worthy of the desires you have.

To see yourself as a creator before the world sees you that way.

To look at your life as something you choose in its fullness, even if some parts are not your most favorable.

Then we move from waiting for things to happen to us, to attracting and creating a life we want.

How this looks in practice is that you wake up and decide you’re going to practice the thing you are passionate about, no matter how lost in the process or insecure you might be. To believe you can do it despite all those loud voices in your head. To have trust in magical things coming your way, despite your rational mind not having proof for it. To see opportunity in everything around you – an opportunity for growth in the direction you wish to move in.

You take one small step ahead. Then another one tomorrow. And before you know it, you have this beautiful thing you created. It may not be the best out there, but it’s yours. : )

We are waiting for the perfect circumstances in life to dare to start doing the thing we’re so badly drawn to. We want more time, more financial power, and more confidence. We want our fears to fade away.

We want to feel ready.

Truth is, we’ll never feel ready for something as delicate as sharing the work that came from the deepest parts of ourselves. It’s an extremely vulnerable and intimate thing to do! You are showing parts of yourself that are so pure and raw. And you have no idea who’s going to see it, consume it.

You need to have deep trust in others. Trust that in your work they will see something valuable, something that enriches their lives in one way or another.

More than that, you need to have a deep trust in yourself to be okay even if nobody likes it.

Because in the end, you are creating for yourself. YOU have the desire to release that creative energy that’s bubbling inside of you. If somebody could guarantee you that nobody will ever like your work, somewhere deep inside you’d still have the desire to release it.

It’s your creative energy. It’s not meant to stay inside of you. It’s supposed to be freed, redirected into something else, formed into another shape. A song, an illustration, a book, a piece of clothing, jewelry, nail art, an online course, dance, a garden full of herbs, you name it.

And to be able to do that is so valuable, so precious, so courageous!

Worthy of every risk.

There will always be something that stands in our way. Something that prevents us from having that ideal life or circumstances we envisioned. Something that just had to be what we didn’t hope for.

But that’s just life making sure we’re really serious about the thing we’re pursuing. : )

Where did we get the idea that a creative life comes in just one form? That it’s all or nothing?

We have the power to create our own version of creative life. To shape it into what suits our current situation and our needs.

When we decide we won’t accept anything less than our ideal, we take away so much from ourselves.

We take away those little things, the little joys of creating something meaningful in our lives. Those small successes, small victories, small courageous steps we take by listening to what calls our soul. They are the building blocks for what we’re striving for. They deserve so much praise and gratefulness.  

We shouldn’t settle for less than what we think we deserve, but that doesn’t mean we need to have such a fixed point of view around what our lives should look like. We set high expectations and pave the road to disappointment and frustration.

When really, it’s about the joy of noticing the small steps we take towards the unfolding of our deep potential. Our purpose in this life.

Recently, after posting one of the pieces here and getting positive feedback, it hit me – I am already living my dream life! I am creating magical things daily and there are some beautiful souls that resonate with it. I speak from my heart, I share vulnerably. I’m creating what feels in alignment with the deepest parts of myself. Writing, capturing moments, and living a good life. That’s all it takes, right?

Feeding my soul with creation.

It’s about the process. What good are some kind of outer recognition and monetary success if I don’t enjoy what I’m doing on a daily basis?

Why I created those goals in the first place was so that I can feel the freedom and joy of being able to create every day. But if I already get to do that, who cares if it’s not in the package I wanted it to be?

It will never be perfect. And convincing ourselves that we’ll be satisfied once it gets a bit closer to that certain place, is a trap we set for ourselves.

I do this because I love to channel my thoughts and insights into words.

I love the sensation of the keyboard under my fingertips.

I love to see letters appear out of nowhere and form sentences that mirror what’s going on inside of me.

I love to ecstatic feeling of clicking the publish button.

And that feeling of shutting off the whole world and it’s just me and that beautiful creative energy that’s dying to be directed towards something good.

That is the goal. Not the recognition. Or money.

But living and being in the state of creation.

And it doesn’t matter what it is or how good and skilled it is.

It just needs to come out of you – true you.

Don’t be worried about how good your work is. What matters the most is where your creation comes from. You can create a perfect piece of art – a photo perfectly composed, poem with incredible rhymes, illustration with perfect lines – but it doesn’t mean much if it came from the ego. If it’s done because you thought you had to do it exactly that way or did it solely to get approval from others.

Often, it’s those simple creations that happen in a moment without much preparation or thought put into them that resonate with us the most.

Create from the right place – create from your heart. Give your all into it. And the so-called quality will easily follow over time.

We focus too much on the quality of the work and art we create. We all tend to compare ourselves to people who are longer than us in the game. Consequently, we get easily discouraged to get into the game ourselves. We get so insecure about the way we create. We think our work is so much ‘less’ than somebody else’s.

I think what’s way, but WAY more important is not the quality of your work, but the quality of your life and what you do for yourself once you start creating and sharing with the world.

Nothing brought more quality to my life than when I gathered the courage to press the publish button for that messy, clumsy, first blog post I created that I still can’t dare to open, knowing I’ll cringe at every word I wrote.

Nothing brought more quality to my life than when I decided I’m going to post that first photo on my IG account, so terribly underexposed and edited.

It’s the shittiest pieces of work I created that brought the most quality to my existence.

Because they got me on the path I was always meant to walk on.

They showed me how courageous I can be.

They showed me how everything I wanted was in that process of creating, sharing, and connecting with people.

They showed me how to be authentic, even if that means being messy, lost, fearful, insecure, awkward, vulnerable.

They showed me how nothing bad emerged from taking the step I feared for so long. Actually, it was right after those leaps into the unknown that SO many amazing things happened to me, stuff I thought would never find my way.

People don’t want perfect. They want those raw, vulnerable, authentic parts of you.

We like what we can resonate with. And nobody can resonate with perfect, because nobody is so. Moreover, I think we get repulsed by those attempts of perfection we can sometimes find in ourselves or others, because our subconsciousness understands that’s not who we are.

Even in the pieces of work that are made with high levels of skill and experience, you don’t actually resonate with that aspect. You might admire it, but what you resonate with is how good it represents some raw aspect of your life. It evokes an emotion or a memory inside of you.

I’m so freaking glad I started to share my work. I have so much to learn, so much to improve, and I still feel incredibly insecure about the things I post. But I also see how this creation game I took a part in will bring me so much good in the future.

I’m slowly attracting more and more like-minded people into my life. We get to support each other on our journey and share our experiences. I think that’s the best part of it, the connection that’s made with complete strangers. So beautiful just to think about it.

I can find hundreds of things that suck about the things I’m creating. But I can also find so many things I got better at. And I can see the pattern. Eventually, it leads to me being freaking amazing in writing, photography, or whatever I decide to do. More importantly, it leads to a life filled with so much love.

Because for me to create, share, and connect with people means love.

Love for myself.

Love for others.

Love for Life.

Because It wants us to be who we are, to do what we love the most, to dare, and move through this life by following our inner voices.

Otherwise, why would we have all these beautiful dreams and desires?

You and everything you’re hiding underneath are so freaking enough! Let it out there. Let us see it. Let us witness your magic.

Join us in this dance of creation and imperfection.

Now tell me about your desires, your dreams, your fears. In the comments or DM. I would love to connect with you. : )  

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