Shed Your Past Self

What is this place I’ve never seen before? So unknown, so strange.

A void.

My identity is fading away. What I though I was is no longer true.

My body no longer wants to withhold this old version of self.

Such a strange place to be.

A nothingness growing inside of me.

Soon, I know, it will be filled with something new.

But for now, there’s nothing but emptiness.

A late night fog.

You can’t see what’s on the other side.

It could be anything.

A detox from all the past years of not self

That’s been ignored for too long

And now my body took charge of.

I can feel the birth of a new self.

Pure and in alignment with my deepest parts.

I can’t see its colour and shape yet.

But only dream of.

Only once it’s inside of me and free to be, will l meet her.

The ego is scared.

Will I be alone?

Or for the first time surrounded by the true love.

The unconditional love for myself.

Shed you past self.

Embrace the unknown,

And possibilities it brings.

Trust and let go,


Welcome the new.

And witness

Your becoming,

Your rising,

Your rebirth.

And know, that you are loved.

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