Slow Morning

Slow living… how I love the sound of these two words.

Just a few years back I was a stranger to anything but rush. I was living in my mind full of hurry, goal chasing, going from one thing to another, never really stopping to look at what’s around me.

Only those things that were not so common for daily life – like traveling – would put me in a gratitude mindset. I wasn’t present, rather somewhere in the future next to my goals, or being too attached to the past.

Then life served me some people who were doing this to me unfamiliar and strange thing – they were enjoying the ordinary life. I didn’t really get it at first, but I felt this incredible attraction to their concept of living.

It felt warm and cozy.

It felt peaceful.

Slowly, I started practicing the things I saw them doing.

I slowed down.

I started to notice the life around me.

And I fell in love with those little things.

A quiet morning.

The way golden sunrays softly wake up nature.

The smell of coffee filling up the room.

The sound of flipping pages of my journal.

Birds painting the sky with freedom and flow.

The sound of my own breath.

Cold morning air filling up my lungs.

That first sip of warm, black coffee,

And the downpour of creativity when it hits my taste buds.

The touch of my fingertips on the keyboard.

My thoughts walking down my shoulders, over my fingertips, and slowly finding their sweet spot on these digital pages.

Warmth gently spreads over my chest.

Deep breath in.

And I know,

This is where I belong.

creative writing at the dawn
golden sunrays and the slow life morning
slow moody morning life
morning sky full of birds
slow autumn morning window view
creative writing
creative writing and window view

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