Solo Dates

Solo dates are a thing I started practicing regularly a few years ago. I would usually combine my love for photography, coffee, writing, and city streets.


I’d start with picking out a nice outfit. Clothes carry energy so choosing something that resonates with me and the way I want to feel would boost up my confidence and vibe. Also, I think it’s pretty epic to dress up for yourself. 😉

Then I would pick a nice café and a spot for writing my thoughts down while sipping coffee and enjoying the simple life. The smell of freshly grounded coffee and distant chatter immersed with soft background music is something that always brought so much pleasure to me.


These moments would slow me down. What naturally follows are gratitude and eyes that see the beauty in ordinary, everyday life.

After that I would walk down the streets capturing the life on it, noticing all those things that are usually overlooked by the busy mind.


Days like these helped me return to myself. When you are on your own you become more aware of the life around you and how it affects you on the inside. You are alone with your thoughts and can therefore pay more attention to where your focus goes.

Also, when you don’t share those moments with anyone in particular, you are free to do whatever you like for as long as you want, which is not an easy thing to come by.


You get more in tune with your feelings because there is nobody else’s input you need to take into consideration, or which gets imposed on you.

The desires and needs that constitute your body are suddenly much clearer because your voice is the only one that accompanies you.


Problems that would usually take up my mind would simply disappear. Instead, I would be in the present, or planning and manifesting a very bright and joyful future.

This is when the creativity gets boosted up.


There are few things as attractive as a person that enjoys their own company.

I’m inviting you to start practicing spending time on your own doing the things you like to do the most.


Don’t pay attention to how others might be perceiving you. I know that’s precisely the hardest thing about being alone in the public. It’s normal to feel watched because people are probably watching you. I still often get uncomfortable in certain situations, but I know it’s all a practice that takes time like any other. So just keep up with it. 🙂

In a society like this, there are a few things that stand out as much as an individual who loves their energy and minds their own business.

Their eyes are drawn to you because what you do is unfamiliar to their outside world – their beliefs and patterns of thinking, but very familiar to what their true, inner voice says. They are drawn to you because you portrait something they wish to be.


Look at it this way – you’re being an example for them. Show them how it’s possible to live that way, to enjoy being on your own and not needing anything else, and how nothing bad has to happen.


They might project on you various negative beliefs and insecurities.

But you can choose to shine back to them those self-loving vibes.


P.S. How beautiful are streets of Stockholm? Grateful to be able to experience this. 🙂


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