Believe In Your Creative Work

For so long I thought I had nothing valuable to offer to the world. I couldn’t even start creating something because immediately after I get the idea, I would find a reason why it won’t be good enough. Or if I get to the point where I’ve created it, I would compare it with the work from other people and get discouraged to share it with the world.

After years of filling my head with stories of not being creative and good enough to pursue a path different than the one society imposes, my whole being was unhealthy. I didn’t feel my body was alive and my mind felt like a container full of fog. I began to realize nothing will help me get out of that place, no amount of money or business titles. The only solution was to start living how I was supposed to – by creatively expressing myself and helping others.

I am here to help others. I have been feeling it in my body for a long time, way before I had any idea what I want to do with my life. I always enjoyed listening to people, hearing their stories, and offering them my view on what their strengths are and how they should use them. I can easily see the beauty they carry but fail to recognize, and nothing fulfils me more than to help them see what I see.

I am here to serve others. That doesn’t mean I need to wait ten years to gain more knowledge and to ‘master’ a particular subject. There is already some wisdom inside me, I have already walked a certain path which brought me some insight. I can feel it’s ready to be released and shared with the world. In a way, I feel it’s begging me to do so. Almost as if the purpose of those ideas is to circle around, to inspire and move others, not to be stuck in one mind that has no use of it anymore. Maybe that’s what ideas are all about – to help you move one step ahead and then be released so they can serve another person.

What helped me shift my focus to the potential my work has is noticing the way imperfect work from other artists influences me. More often it was those individuals that are still quite new to the game that really touched me, not ones who seem to have it all and therefore it’s harder to relate to them. What makes me feel connected to somebody’s piece of work or story is seeing the vulnerability they carry, not just the most structured and mastered side of them. We connect with each other through our pains, our vulnerability. Even when you admire what a person has achieved or where they’ve come to, what you’re really connecting with are all the struggles they had to face on their journey. So why do we try so hard to hide our troubles, imperfections, and insecurities, when that’s the exact thing that will draw the right people to us?

Think of someone whose work you admire. Can you think of few negative things that might have come to them as a result of sharing it? Being ridiculed, called out as an imposter, or anything else really. Now imagine if they listened to those fears and never stepped out of their comfort zone. Wouldn’t you feel it’s a shame such potential went to waste, all for some mean, imaginary voices in their head? It breaks my heart to know how so much of the magic people carry inside them is hidden and never see the light of the day.

Notice the potential your actions and work might have, what they could do to others, how much they could change someone’s life.   

It all comes down to where your focus goes. Counter each of those negative thoughts with at least two opposites. Think of everything good that can come out of offering a piece of yourself to the world. How proud of yourself will you be for stepping out of your comfort zone. How fulfilled will you be for knowing you are doing something that truly resonates with your soul. How amazing could it be if someone tells you your creation helped them in some way. How many like-minded people will you attract into your life this way.

Believe in your work and the potential it carries and let all of your magic unfold itself.

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