I’m Overwhelmed By Inspiration

For the last few days, I’ve found myself trying desperately to create and not being able to deliver anything. I would spend an hour writing five sentences that I didn’t even like. When I finally admitted to myself what I was doing isn’t working, I started free flow writing, in other words, writing down any thoughts that come to my mind. Soon after, once I released a part of what my mind was filled with, ideas started to flow.

One of them was seeing the reasons behind the writing block I had – my mind was over-flowing with predetermined ideas of what my work should look like. It all happened with me consuming too much of other people’s work. I was so full of ideas I found in other places that the ones I had inside of me couldn’t make it anywhere near the surface. I might love what other artists create, find it helpful and resonate with it, but my own work shouldn’t come solely from an outer place. Rather, it should be an expression of my inner voice that doesn’t get influenced by what somebody else might think of it, but stays true to itself. My message is unique because the experiences that shaped it are like nobody else’s. That’s why trying to replicate the work from others didn’t work for me, because it isn’t mine.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for inspiration outside of ourselves. Of course we should, we are here to inspire each other. But what makes the difference is what you do with that inspiration. Do you use it as a fuel and direction for your own creative processes, or are you just accumulating, and telling yourself you need just a little bit more and then you’ll be able to create something? I did the latter and all it did was blocked all paths for my own ideas to express.

What I plan to do from now on is for every idea I take in as an inspiration, I have to release one. So if I spend half an hour getting inspired by other artist’s portraits, I’ll spend an hour creating my own versions. Or if I read a blog post on a topic I find close to me, I’ll write down my own ideas regarding the subject.

It all comes down to balance.

Get inspired, then create to inspire others.

P.s. Bellow you can find small glimpses of life on Stockholm streets that caught my eye. Hope you enjoy them and in case you get inspired, use it well 😉

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